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Factors of success in Zhong Yuan Qigong

(By Suy Mintan)

You can visit my seminars for a very long rime, but in every lesson you will find something new for yourself. Exercises are the same at every lesson. But you always change yourself. Every time you are different. Every time you get new experience. During the practicing, you can feel very strong energy. And this energy can change something in your physical body. Making exercises you can improve your health.

Zhong Yuan Qigong System was revealed 15 years ago. But in antiquity name of this system was Zhong Yuan. In different periods this system had different names, but exercises were the same.

What are you going to get from this system? What purpose do you have?

Usually, there are several purposes in practising: first of all it’s improving health. Not only physical health but also mental. Concerning physical health, many illnesses you can treat in hospital. But about some illnesses doctors can’t say anything. Medicals just can’t clear up what type of illness it is. You take a lot of medicaments, but nothing helps you. You determine your condition like result of stress, or like problems with nerve system, or just like uncomfortable state of brain and body, like irritableness. We have one more problem, which can be specified like illness of many people: unclear mind condition. This people can’t determine what they should do in special situations. You can’t control your attention, you can’t concentrate your mind on some things, and you lose interest for your life. For example, it’s not important for you to do something or not to do. You are not interested in your work; it’s just your need to earn money for your existence.

People who have such problems do not follow their way. Everything existing in Space should follow its way, follow its Dao, other way it will have problems.

First of all Zhong Yuan Qigong can help individuals to find their way and can show how to advance in it.

Let’s talk about how to succeed in Qigong practices. In our life we should make something higher that we make daily. You should use your free time for making something interesting. Working it’s not interesting. Studying for your future work also is not interesting. But you can always find a way to get something interesting – for example for improving your health. Maybe, you go in for sport, or you have some hobby. You can have many hobbies, but this way one of them should be practicing of our system, because just this can help you to grow yourself. Qigong can bring you health and pleasure; can develop your mind, soul.

There are some factors which can lead you to your goal.

From point of physics there are three factors: persistent work, time and speed. If you will be practicing a lot and you will spend a lot of time, without any speed you will have no result.

Also there are 4 factors that are right as in antique, as now.

First factor'FA'- system. You should understand if this system is suitable for you, or not. Can this system help you to develop till higher level, or it can’t. It’s connected with your teacher – if his level is not enough, you also can’t develop. If somebody knows a lot, but this knowledge is not systematized, you can’t learn something from him

Everybody has his own mission in this world. My mission is to teach and research. I should teach people all over the world. I can’t say that I like to teach. I’ll better employ science. But what can I do? I must. Teaching – is very hard, everyday you work with big quantity of listeners. When you reach high level it will be hard to communicate with listeners, it will be better to be lonely and quit.

Second factor - 'Luy'- its partner. If you will practice lonely, it will be enough hard to reach results. You should practice with partner or in group. You need somebody’s help for practicing. For example, during you practice you reach condition of silence. In this moment you need partner, who can help you. It will be much better if you will be practicing with your wife or husband. You can arrange that first day one of you will make house work and other will be practicing and next day – vice versa. This way you will better understand each other, you can practice together. If one of the couple is practicing, but other one isn’t – he will not understand wife or husband. If you are practicing – you also like discussing Qigong. And your partner will not listen you. So it can cause some problems. It will be better for couple to practice together.

When you are practicing, you character changes. For example, earlier, you had a lot of friends. During practicing you lose you friends, because everybody has his own busyness that is not interesting for you. If you have different interest with your friends you will contact them rare. But after that moment when you will reach definite level in Qigong you will have a lot of friends.

You will get good energy and you will be able to help people. They will be listening you, because you will be right. Then, of course, you will have a lot of friends.

Third factor - 'Zai' - money, wealth. For practicing you need money. Zhong Yuan Qigong is more expensive then Gung fu, Ushu. Long time ago just emperor and great masters could practice, as they were rich enough. Very few people knew this system.

Why do you need money? Firstly, for practicing, you should ride on the nature. Seminars also are paid – we live in commercial Age. Also it will be useful if you will have possibility to practice during 2-3 month yearly. For this you also need money.

If we want to develop this system and make it popular, we need money for advertising, for publishing books, for our office where we can consult our students.

Fourth factor - 'TI' - it is place and conditions. For practicing sometimes you need to travel. There are some best places for practicing. It is North and South Pole. It’s very cold there, but it’s very good places for practicing. In Russia such place is Caucasus. I have not ever been there, but I’ve seen this place. Energy there is very high. Also it is Alaska in the USA. China and France also have such places. But for traveling there you need money, so you should work.

You have system, which gives you health. But you also should have some purposes. You should find best way for work and travel for practicing.

I wish everybody health, and to reach their wishes. I wish everybody to develop themselves successfully.

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