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ГWhere can you get information about place of seminars Zhong Yuan Qigong?
How practices are held?
Where practice is going on?
Prices on seminars
Details about seminars
Details about additional practices
About instructor courses
How can you became an instructor?

Where can you get information about place of seminars Zhong Yuan Qigong?

The best way to get information is to come into menu “For students”, choose your country and city. After – just choose place and call by indicated telephone number.

How practices are held?

There are 4 levels of seminars; you should start from first level. Usually, seminar is continuing during 4-6 days for 3 hours per day. Sometimes you can visit first introduction lecture free.

Except your practices during seminars, instructor will ask you to repeat exercises at home. It will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours per day.

After the seminar instructor will invite you for visiting regular practices in group.

You should be practicing just with instructors, who have been certificated by Suy Mintan. You can get information about instructors in menu “Our instructors” for every city.

Where practice is held?

Look through timetable on our site. If you can’t find seminar in suitable place and time, please, contact our instructor.

Prices on seminars.

Seminars should be paid for. Usually you can find the prices in menu “Seminars”, but you also can ask your instructor about it.

Details about seminars

On the seminars instructor will explain you, what exercises are includes to the present level, how this exercises should be carried out, what effect it will bring. Also he will explain all the mistakes you could make.

Zhong Yuan Qigong is a step in development of student, because during practices person get some energy and some subconscious information, which he needs for future practicing.

After seminars you can practice by yourself or on facultative. But before facultative practicing you compulsory should visit seminars. We want people to get good effect of our practices, so you should not be hurry and firstly you should save some energy.

Also very important is acquaintance. On the seminars you acquaint with school, instructors, other students and this atmosphere will help you later at facultative practices.

Zhong Yuan Qigong practices have a lot of sense levels. So you can be practicing for 10 years, but you should not forget exercises even from the first level.

Details about regular practices

Except seminars, you can visit regular practices.

Regular practices can be carried out for 1-3 times per week. Also you could visit club days – days when students gather together not just for practicing but also for communication and discussing different problems.

Presence of instructor on club days is not compulsory, because on these practices you just fasten all the knowledge that you’ve got on the seminars.

Is it compulsory to pass first, second, then alternate 1, 2.3 steps, or you can start from second one?

Yes, it is compulsory. Earlier we could make exception for students for visiting second step firstly, because that step was carried out by our Master Suy Mintan. Now we have instructors for 1, 2, 3 levels, so you should start from first step.

Usually you should visit next step not earlier then after half a year after last one. It will be very useful to visit one level for few times. In this case you will get 50% discount.

About instructor sources

When Master visits some region, usually he organizes instructor courses. In this case all instructors will be informed about it and they will try to gather as much people, as it possible.

These courses are carried out in big cities and not less then 50 people take part in them.

How can you become an instructor?

Every student can become an instructor of Zhong Yuan Qigong School:
  • You should be practicing more then 2 years
  • You should pass 4 steps
  • You should pass instructor courses and have successful exams on this course
  • You should pay 108$ for diploma
  • You should register on Zhong Yuan Qigong cite.

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