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Master Xu Mingtang

Short biography

Master Xu Mingtang

Master Suy Mintan is follower of line of successors of Zhong Yuan School. He was born in the family of famous doctor of Chinese traditional medicine in province Henan. Officially, during many generations duty of his family was protection of Shaolin monastery (in traditions of China just honest and noble people could carry out this duties). Up to the present time there is a temple of ancestor of Suy Mintan inside of Shaolin monastery. Great grandfather of master Suy was very valid master of war skills. From early childhood Suy was practicing in Chinese medicine, Qigong skills and war skills with his father. He began to assume patients when he was 14 years old. When he was 15 he entered collage. In 16 years (1979) Suy entered one of the best Chinese Universities - Beijing Transport University for studying computer science.

1983: After finishing university he came back to province Henan. During 2 years his teacher reticently was teaching him in special places like Shoaling monastery, temples Bai Ma, Cloud and Frog Maintain, etc.

1985: By advice of his teacher, Suy Mintan entered Beijing University for studying modern science and technique, as this knowledge will complete skills of Chinese medicine and Qigong for helping people. After finishing Beijing University, he worked in Chinese Science Academy. All this time he also was practicing in Zhong Yuan Qigong.

1988: Suy Mintan constituted Chinese association Zhong Yuan Qigong and was elected to be president of this association.

1989: Suy Mintan was appointed to be vice-professor of Chinese East Research centre of Human Hidden Potential.

1991: For concentration on Qigong practicing he left his work and went to Russia for Zhong Yuan Qigong instruction. Very soon he began to hold seminars in USSR and Eastern Europe

1995: He visited USA for holding instruction of Zhong Yuan Qigong.

1996: He went to Israel for holding seminars and communication with patients.

1997: He became a famous Qigong master and doctor in Ukraine, Russia and other counties of former USSR. He has his students in China, Rumania, Poland, Israel, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Hungary and USA. He constituted Russian platform of research in Qigong in Chelyabinsk University, after finishing this university students get high education.

В 1998 Suy Mintan was invited simultaneous to Beijing hospital and Chinese Medicine University as professor of Chinese and West medicine.

1998: He became a honorary president of science-researching institute of Zhong Yuan Qigong. He constituted Eastern Medicine Research Institute in Ukraine and he is a vice-president in this institute. Also Suy Mintan works in World Academic Union of researches in Medicine Qigong (which is based in Beijing University of traditional Chinese Medicine). He is leading specialist in this Union.

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