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Master Xu Mingtang - Master of Zhong Yuan Qigong school, President of Chinese Zhong Yuan Association, board member and Advanced Specialist Consultant of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong. Since 1991 Master Xu Mingtang teaches Zhong Yuan Qigong in CIS, Europe and USA.


Word "Qigong" consists of two hieroglyphs "Qi" and "Gong". Qi means energy substance. Gong means action, work, skill of working with Qi. Thus, Qigong is a skill of using Qi, with help of which you can cure a disease, become strong and invincible in fight, slow down process of insenescence, prolong life, strengthen spirit and learn more about the world.
Since ancient times qigong was an essential part of Chinese culture.
Till recent times qigong practice was secret. There were a lot of schools - clannish, family and cloistral.
Transfusion of schools was very slow. In the middle of ХХ century qigong researches closely studied only large schools, depending on their aims and methods: Confucian direction; Taoist direction; Buddhist direction; medical direction and combat direction.
Zhong Yuan Qigong is of highest qigong levels and is a whole system of knowledge and methods, which allow people to regain health, develop creative abilities and get special talents
Zhong Yuan Qigong includes elements almost of all qigong schools but it is free from any religion and it has no ideology.
Zhong Yuan Qigong system is based on main elements of Chinese medicine and philosophy: Yin-Yang theory, Wu-Sing theory, acupuncture meridians and bioactive points.

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