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Mingtang Xu
Introduction to Image Medicine
Image Medicine (IM) is a part of ancient Chinese Medicine and a branch of Zhong Yuan Qigong. This direction is one which explores what the human is, what the life is, and what an image is the image. This form of medicine is based on and utilizes the ability of the mind to operate images, or pictures. In this book, the reader is briefly introduced to the philosophical concepts behind the origin of images of a human and the universe as well as the practical application of these images. Here we question the reception, formation and influence of images on a human, including his physical body, energy system, and informational system. Today, IM can be applied to the scientific field. Research is being conducted on how images can be used in the realms of diagnosis, treatment, and illness prevention. Furthermore, several important Big Methods and mantras have been found to help correct and restore numerous bodily functions of a human as a life form. IM represents an unusually effective medical direction considered secret until the end of twentieth century. Like in any kind of medicine, anatomy and physiology are also researched. However, unlike normal anatomy and physiology in which the physical structure and functions of the body are discussed, here we deal with the energy and informational systems of the human. Therefore, in IM there are several stages or parts. The first part is energy medicine (energy anatomy and physiology); the second part is informational medicine (informational anatomy and physiology); the third part is dedicated to the influence of materials, such as herbs and their composition, energy, and information, on the entire body; and the fourth is all of the aforementioned combined. It is important to note that the current division is not set in stone and, in practice, all the parts are applied in certain groupings and combinations. Practitioners study the anatomy and physiology of different structures of energy (such as the energy of fog, of light, and transcendental energy) in ways similar to those of medical students studying regular anatomy and physiology. Similarly, they study the anatomy and physiology of information. This knowlege gives the wide understanding about the multidimensionality of space and the laws governing various forms of life, their coexistence and interactions. Inside, you will find the guidelines that demonstrate how to acquire the images necessary for diagnosis, treatment, and illness prevention. Suggested techniques of healing with the Big Methods and mantras are helpful for the restoration of numerous functions of the human as an integrated system. This book is aimed at general readers, Qigong practitioners and healers.

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