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Mingtang Xu (Author) , Tamara Martynova (Author)
Zhong Yuan Qigong: First Stage of Ascent: Relaxation
Qigong is an ancient Chinese art of self regulation, improvement of one’s health and communication with different forms of life. Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) represents the highest levels of Qigong. It has a seven thousand year-old lineage and is comprised of the wisdom and knowledge of Qigong masters from many generations. The methods of ZYQ allow a human improve one’s health, reach longevity and increase the quality of life. This is the first book on ZYQ from the series “Enter Your Inner World”. Reading it and practicing the exercises can help you realize that all forms of life in the universe constitute a whole, and that the universe is a living organism which we are a part of. ZYQ is a branch of science through which you can learn how to develop your body, energy, and spirit. This knowledge thus leads to the development of individual and evolution of human race. The purpose of Qigong is to understand what Life is by opening our eyes wider to see our world in a different light. Through this system of knowledge and healing, we can open our hearts to understand the many hidden aspects of the Earth and the Universe. Practicing Qigong can help us realize that all living creatures in the universe constitute a whole, and that the Universe is a living organism of which we are a part. Similarly, our planet Earth is alive, just like us. Qigong helps us understand the relationship between the whole and its individual parts, while enabling us to establish a connection between them. As humans, we have a natural desire to know more about our place in this huge, living Universe. We also want to know the nature of our own individual lives. In order to understand how to maintain good health, we need to comprehend the nature of life and the various forms that it is capable of taking. For this purpose, we can say that Qigong is a branch of science designed to deal with the very notion of Life and its roots. Through its use, the practitioner can enhance the quality of his or her life and look forward to a brighter future. It opens the gates to a new reality and allows you to understand that you are a part of the Universe1—a cosmic being. But, first and foremost, you will learn to relax—not only at the physical level, but also in your mind and consciousness. Here you will learn the philosophical concepts behind the development of humanity as a species, the connection that human beings have to the Earth2 and the Universe, fundamental principles of self-regulation, and conscious and harmonious interaction with the environment. This foundation will activate the resources for improving your health and allow you to view the world and your place in it in a different light. This stage allows you to open additional channels of perception beyond the five known senses, and you will find a completely new method of learning known as knowledge transplantation. You will experience the feeling of different Qi structures, and learn how to regulate them through your consciousness. You can also master different methods of increasing your inner energy and cleansing your body from bad Qi. You will learn a number of self-healing exercises, increase your creativity and prolong your life. If you have the courage to step onto this path, you will be able to see for yourself your evolution into a better human being. ZYQ is free from any branch of religion, ideology, or politics. Its exercises are suitable for people of all ages. The practice of this system helps people become immune to stress, achieve inner balance, and attain true happiness. The book is intended for general readers as well as for qigong practitioner

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