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by Mingtang Xu (Author) , Tamara Martynova (Author)
Zhong Yuan Qigong.: The Third Stage of Ascent: Pause, The Way to Wisdom
This book is a logical extension of the first two volumes on Stages I and II on Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) from the series “Enter Your Inner World”. Every formidable system is based on or grows out of certain philosophical assumptions. ZYQ is no exception. However, while being the oldest of the known systems for the development of people, it at the same time represents some ancient views on the structure and evolution of the Universe and the Way of the development of Life and Mind. You’ll find here a philosophical concept and the model of creation, with its different levels of worlds and possible forms of life. Practice of this part assumes your mastery of the methods of self-regulation for the purpose of your development as a human being, as a representative of a certain biological type. This development is supposed to transform you in such a way that you’ll be able to move to a qualitatively different level of life. To understand and do more, we must understand ourselves. This requires investigating ourselves. After all, many mysterious things and questions that remain unanswered are connected with us. For example, what is the energy that we employ to help ourselves and others? What are our dreams, and why in many situations are they things that inform us about the future? Why do some people suddenly recall a previous life of theirs and begin speaking a different language? Why are we able to dream about our deceased relatives and interact with them? Do we understand what Life is, what being alive is? Do we know where the boundary line of Life passes and whether there is, in general, such a line? And what niche in this Life is allotted to humans? Furthermore what, generally speaking, are the levels of Life? Humans represent a reliable, multifunctional research laboratory with truly unlimited possibilities. All that’s required is the knowledge necessary to utilize this laboratory. Here’s an instructive Chinese tale: In a well there lived a frog. It was known for saying, “I know how vast the sky is, and I know how much water there is.” One day the frog climbed out of the well and headed toward the sea. But it lost its mind because it saw how huge the sky was and how much water there was. Therefore humankind can take one of two routes: (1) never go anywhere, never familiarize yourself with anything new, and remain where you are, or (2) step by step, get to know this big world. ZYQ is the key than can open the doors to your own laboratory and in it switch on all necessary analyzers. At the very same time, ZYQ is a simple science of life, although Life itself is far from simple. ZYQ practice not only contributes to improving our health, and it not only expands our knowledge about the world. It also allows us to reach a qualitatively different level of Life, one independent of the physical body and the conditions of our place of habitation. This stage gives you knowledge how to develop your energy and spirit, and achieve various states of body and mind, especially the state of Pause, which paves the way for the soul to depart from your body and travel through the various worlds in the whole Universe. The book teaches the technique for activating the upper Dan Tian to open the Third Eye, the stages of development of the Third Eye, and ways to diagnose with the Third Eye’s help. In addition, the Stage III covers a special method of weight loss Bigu Shiqi, involving of taking Qi through the navel instead of eating normal food, so you can cleanse your body and lose weight naturally. You can also master the practice of rejuvenation and learn the methods of distance healing. In the last chapter you’ll be acquainted with eight main principals of ZYQ and their connection to our practice and everyday life. As with the previous volumes in this series, the book is intended for both general readers, as well as Qigong practitioners.

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